the Printy Story

 Unternehmerehepaarprinty is founded 1978 by the current managing director Andreas Wittek and his wife Barbara  in Munich Maxvorstadt Theresienstr.71 as a retail enterprise . 1989 the family Wittek was, shortly after the Berlin wall crumbled, a founding member of a copy shop in the center of Leipzig, now called printy Copy Service Inc. At the same time printy expanded Munich with a branch in the Enhuberstrasse.
These establishment relocated, after moving to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Garching, Boltzmannstr.15 in the TUM Research Centre.

In Oktober 2012 printy expanded its business and moved from Theresienstr. to Luisenstr. 49 
The Munich family printy A.Wittek GmbH is characterized by its dedicated and motivated employees and shareholders and is known beyond the borders of Munich, for its good reputation.