Protection and hygiene concept of the printy operating sites in Munich city center and Garching research center

in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 6 Clause 1 No. 4 of the second Bavarian Infection Protection Ordinance and notices on contact restrictions and prevention measures of the TUM Central Administration from April 17, 2020 with effect from April 27, 2020

  • Corona Plakatständer kThe maximum number of customers at printys`s Luisenstr.49 site is limited to 4 customers and at the garching research Centre to 2 customers.
  •  Access control and the prescribed safety distance of 1.5m in the shops and entrances areas is regulated and enforced by a printy employee present.
  • All door handles and handles, handrails, keyboards, touch screens and fittings are cleaned regularly and at short intervals by printy employees.
  • Our customers are required to clean their hands thoroughly in the existing sink or to disinfect them with the disinfectants provided before using the device keyboards.
  • There is place for a vehicle in each of the printy facilities at Luisenstr. 49 . Customer stopping place available for short-term unloading and loading activities.
  • We provide this information and other current information on the infection situation as a notice, on poster stands, pictograms and of course orally to our customers, service employees and suppliers.
Responsible, operational Corona contact person for the printy business premises is Andreas Wittek
<andreas.wittek (at)> as of April 26th, 2020