install and print with Campus Drucker:

  • download suited driver
  • unpack and run .exe (Mac see below)
  • reboot PC
  • choose "Campus Drucker "in the Printerlist.
  • send printjob to our server
  • insert the cardnumber (6 letters without "C") of your Studentcard if asked
  • in front the printer in faculty MW, insert Studentcard in cardreader and choose "Drucken".
  • choose your file in the display of the cardreader with help of the arrow buttons and confirm.



Your stick must be formated with FAT32, NTFS drives does not work aswell as special models,
the printer only can see files with the ending .pdf / .jpg.In some cases the printer cant read your PDF Files, if they are made with freeware PDF-Creators.  To be sure please use the Adobe PDF-Distiller.
with the Button "i" you can open the orderlist and probably solve the problem.
please first eject your studentcard, than go to the orderlist with Button "i" and delete the blocking Printjob.
your document is not formated in DINA4/DINA3. You can choose in "Papierquelle" for Example DINA4. the printer will not adjust this Document not autmatically. Best solution is printing such Files in our shop nearby the cafeteria.

The size of your file is too large, and the printer looses the contact to the printserver.
Please reduce the number of dpi''s and dont print various slides on one page.
You can also split the document.

Operating system
  • If updated to Win 10 you must deinstall and reinstall the driver
  • after Installation the PC must be rebooted with Admin rights
  • in Autostart Qpilot must be activated
  • systemintern LPD-Printservice must be deactivated

          you find the LPD service here in Windows:          <systemcontrol><programs and functions><Windowsfunctions activiate / deactiviate          <Print-and Dokumentservices><LPD Printservice deactivate> 

  • Port 515 should be set free than
  • possibly change settings in your firewall

-  first install the Printer (is contained in Setup-Image)    (when it searches for printer just click next)

-  second start QPilotClient installer (installs the Client)    (after restart the system, you have to start the client manualy to get ready to print)

-  Port 632 and 37200 must be reachable on the server (try with telnet 623 (and 37200)  at the consoleterminal)

- The path to the installation files must be without spaces.

- also you should run the installer as root to restart the console.

- if the installation directory should be changed (it is actually not recommended),each user must have write permissions there! It caches the jobs there.

- after installation, a reboot must be performed. After the restart on the console with the command:

ps as|grep QPilot

there should be 2 QPilot-process (Client GUI and Service) and there is the CampusDrucker. Please deinstall prevoius Installations of campusdrucker first!

        - Port 515, 50712, 45153  must be open for packages TCP outgoing

what we do in munich :
• no instant copyshop print and scan • here we print and bind your thesis inclusive TUM labeled spine within 2 hours  •  PHD DIN A5 und publishing • Brochures and WireO binding  •  CD - print and burn service • Plots in latex and ink with highquality paper • Hardcoverbinding (need 1 day) • laminate • Flyer • scripts • business cards •

what we do in Garching:
• copy print and scanservice (plots too) • Spiralbinding (plastic only) • in 2-3 hours we print and bind your thesis with labeled spine  •  kodak kiosk  • CAD Plot (90 gramm) and posters upto DIN A0 (130 gramm) • office supplies • lecture documents and summaries  • order acceptance for flyer, brochures, business cards and hardcoverbinding (will all be produced in Luisenstr.49)