CD burn and print

field of use

  • Cd bedrucken und brennenCD / DVD in short run, print and copy up to 150 pieces at cheap rates.
  • Quick processing within 2 days in ink-jet printing technology
  • Copy and print on CD-R up to 700 MB and DVD up to 4.7 GB, including premium blanks, copying and printing
  • Up to 8 pieces, without declaration of exemption
  • sample print prior to release is possible

Processing of order

You send us the master file to copy and a jpg file for the CD printing. The outer printable area of our premium blanks is approx. 117mm, the inner cavity is 22mm. With ink-jet printing technology, colored motives of all kinds can be printed in photo quality. However, the quality of the print is never identical with the screen or paper printout, and color variations may occur. We also recommend not to use the entire surface in black or dark colors and to avoid very thin lines (less than 0.5 mm) and small fonts (less than 8 points) on a dark background. For orders of more than 9 copies per original, we do need a declaration of exemption.

For less than 9 copies, the contract will be executed within 2 days. If you want to first test the quality, please simply order a piece and we calculate the single unit price and the postage costs.


Cd-R or DVD-R  printing and burning
     from 1  from 10  from 30  from 50  from 100
CD-R 700 MB  4,88  3,69  2,50  2,02  1,67
DVD-R 4,7 GB  7,02  5,83  4,46 4,11  3,75
prices per piece in EUR, incl. VAT                     04.02.2018


Slimcase CD/DVD storage box or CD/DVD paper bag 125x125mm
    from 1 from 50 from 100
CD/DVD Slimcase extra thin   0,36 0,30 0,24
CD/DVD Paper bag   0,24 0,18 0,14
prices per piece in EUR, incl. VAT                      04.02.2018