Publishing House

field of use

- A5-duty and sample copies for libraries and scientific institutions.Verlag Dr.Hut
- books published with ISBN by the publisher Dr. Hut
- short-run editions from 20 to 500 pieces can be produced economically.
- Mixed performance of the print in b / w and color.
- Consistent, high print quality with optimized paper feed direction guarantees the durable printy adhesive binding.
- Attractive, printable materials handling up to 240 g and 32 x 48 cm in stock.

job flow

Self-Publishers are requested to send us a pdf file or a one-sided printout in A4, together with additional information as the final format (A5, A4, or any special sizes), edition and color of the envelope. In any case, we will create a print sample before production starts. After your approval, we will inform you about the completion of your order. Delivery is via pick-up at our business premises Luisenstr. 49 (optionally also at our site in Garching possible) or by courier and insured DHL express delivery, respectively (costs to be paid by the customer).

Price Calculator dissertation print

You could obtain a price offer for your thesis by using our on-line price calculator. Simply enter the number of pages to be printed, the number of color pages (if any) and the number of copies (divisible by 4) in the appropriate fields and press the button ''Calculate Price''. This price includes the presently valid VAT of 19%.

According to regulatory provisions, publisher publications are subject to only 7% VAT and are therefore a lot cheaper!