Hardcover binding at printy Munich city

  • Our finest binding variant for theses, dissertations and individual presentations of all kinds.
  • Hardcover Rücken Fast processing of your order, the day after next day, at printy in Munich Luisenstr.49 Rgb.
  • Optimum protection of your binding material in the insensitive, dirt-resistant leather-look cover with a pleasant feel.
  • Maximum durability due to clamping in a steel rail with a minimum of 25 to 160 sheets. This allows a maximum of 320 pages in two-sided printing on 90gr.Paper and A4 portrait format.
  • Individual printing of front cover and spine with high quality gold, silver or copper metallic colors possible.

Order process

The order procedure for the printing of the binding material is described in detail under Thesis.
However, the production of a high-quality Hardcover requires, compared to the Softcover, a longer time frame of two working days.
The slightly structured, coherent cover material is available in the colors blue, green and bordeaux red.
Individual lettering are on the front cover in the format of max. 12cm font length x 5cm height possible in several centered lines. You can find an example template here : Hardcover Vorlage.doc
A one-line lettering with a maximum length of 15cm can be realized on the back bar.


Hardcover material is available in the colors blue, green and bordeaux red.
to ca.120 scheets = 240 double sided printed pages on 90gr.Papier 8,50    
to ca.160 scheets = 320 double sided printed pages on 90gr.Papier 9,50    
additional costs for letters with silver, gold oder copper Metallic colours
  first print additional per copy
Frontpage 11,50 6,50 
spine 10,00 5,00 
prices per copy in EUR, incl. Mwst.                      Stand 11.02.2018