Perfect Glue binding

Klebebinden Buecher S15 This appealing, professional hotmelt adhesive binding in pocket-book style (paperback) is suitable for a sheet thicknesses between 25 and 480 sheets (80gr. material) and the final formats max. DIN A4 upright format and min. DIN A6 landscape format. By milling and slitting the spinea surface expansion, combined with hotmelt, we reach a very high bond strength. This binding is in not inferior to a cold glue or PUR bond and, moreover, is free of hazardous substances. Attractive cover materials are available. These can be printed individually, including the printing of the spine for a book thickness from 40 sheets. While the order is processing the envelopes are 4 times grooved, in order of a better opening of the book and optimized side gluing. Unsuitable, strange binding material such as coated papers or papers with bi-wave fiber direction, we can only work with with reservations.


adhesive bond with slip-fold

Faelzelbindung  S15 This bond is in its realization and bond strength identical to our perfect adhesive binding. Cover and back cover therefore exist separately and the open spine is covered with slip fold. A wide variety of printed or unprinted cardboard or transparencies can be used as a cover and back cover. A printed spine is not possible.