let's print your master's, Bachelor and diploma theses

You finally achieved your goal and your work can now be printed and bound. Due to our high print volume in the TUM, we produce your work on our regularly maintained and latest machines. You always get perfect results at favourable printy conditions.


  • Your diploma, master, bachelor or semester work is processed in our Garchinger copy shop, on the same day, usually within 3 hours. We print the first copy "Standby" in your presence. You control this first printout and decide on the printing approval.
  • Works, that are processed in our main store Luisenstraße 49 Rgb. will be completed within one day.
  • Please note: we only print PDF files and the first printout (test print) is part of the total circulation.
  • The printer usually recognizes the difference between color and b & w pages.The price calculation is based on this counting.
  • How to save costs: you give us a word or txt- file with the absolute PDF pages, that should be printed in color.  Here is an example how the text file should look like: "1,14,27,55-60,92"
  • The type of binding, all around binding with cover and spine printing, requires at least 40 sheets (about 4 millimeters thick).
  • We advise our graduates to show up early on certain examination dates and deadlines (1 and 14-15 of the month!). Reservations are not possible. First-come, first serve.

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