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What printy does not offer are historical copy shop self-service or standby instant services, Bonbon printysuch as self-service copies, single-sheet prints, scans or FAX services.
We do not print from Word, Powerpoint, Excel, InDesign, Affinity, LaTex or other application files. Only convertible file formats submitted by you are PDF-, or better, PDF/X print files!
We do not print on foreign materials - to prevent possible damage to sensitive and expensive fixation units of our rented high-performance printers..
We do not accept online small quantity orders below our minimum order value of 25,- net. Printy is a professional printing service provider and not a copy shop. In case of minor prints or bindings, also in connection with your ongoing larger projects, please contact us locally at Luisenstr. 49. We offer an alternative to Mini online orders.
Immediate orders must be paid at the cash desk in cash or debit card. We do not accept Visa, Mastercard or other credit cards. For amounts below 25,- net, we expect immediate cash payment against the issuance of a cash receipt with declared VAT, acknowledged and certified by the tax office. Minimum order value for orders is 25,- net. For cost reasons, we do not issue qualified invoices below this amount. If necessary, we will charge a small quantity surcharge in the amount of the difference between your order value and our minimum order value of 25,- net.
VAT-exempt EU-supplies are made against the indication of a valid VAT. - identification number and the transport document to the country concerned. In the event of a missing transport document, we require a confirmation of arrival from the customer. This is proof that goods from Germany actually arrive in another EU Member State. We do not deliver to non-EU countries, nor to Switzerland and Great Britain