Softcover paperback perfectly bound

  • From min. 30 sheets to approx.450 sheets (450 sheets=900 pages double-sided).Softcover Mix
  • Tip: individual back bridge inscription on attractive cover materials. How Max Mustermann alias John Doe, along with Lessing and Goethe, shine on the bookshelf.
  • The printy perfect adhesive bond corresponds in durability to a PUR bond
  • Professional 4 fold creasing and side gluing of the round cardboard
  • Real book feeling thanks to cellophane, dirt-resistant colour cover, in compliance with the publisher
  • Not fully foldable, such as back spiral binding
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You send us your final Adobe PDF print file. For edging motifs, please take into account an additional crop of 2 mm all around to the final format. Printy takes care of assembling the files in the correct order, the so-called shooting, for you. We are happy to produce a preview copy at short notice before the start of production of complex orders. You can view this in our premises Luisenstr. 49 and make corrections if necessary. After your approval, we print and bind carefully in the best quality, first hand and in-house

Softcover books Price examples, 4/4 c print on 90gr., format DIN A4 
print runs  3  30  100
Print 100 b/w- & 20 colour pages binding with spine label  84,-  431,-  1140,-
Print 200 b/w- & 60 colour pages binding with spine label  126,-  779,-  2073,-
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT         Status January 2024