-why PDF?-

PDF (portable document format) is a cross-platform file format for printing documents. The advantage of this format is that it allows to print your file at an external printer in the same form as it exists at home. You freeze, so to speak, the various PDF settings and profiles of your application file (word, power point, indesign, etc.) so that ir ia possible for the external printing machine to create an identical reproduction. See also The Little Guide to printy Digidruck print data creation

-My file, is not a PDF file?-

For example, you can create with the program FreePDF (Windows) PDF files easily. A guide can be found there as well.
Similarly, the Office program Openoffice.org (Windows, Linux, Mac) is able to create PDF files.

- Are you a Copy Shop?-

No, we are a digital printing company and are active in the high-volume order segment. We do not offer copy shop usual services, such as self-service or standby instant services, self-service copies, single-sheet prints, scans or FAX services.

-Can Monochrome and color prints be run on the same printer?-

We select the appropriate digital printing machine for your order. This separates colored and b/w or gray pages if they are created in CMYK. Please make sure that gray graphics and logos in particular are embedded in shades of gray and not as the color "grey", Graphics in RGB or the color "grey" are billed as color pages from the digital press and printy.

.-In what format should I set my works size?-

Please create theses in DIN A4, even if you want to receive DIN A5. Create flyers and business cards in your original size and only in single copies. Necessary multiplications are created by printy.


Printy produces the most ecological way. All production machines have been awarded the Blue Angel. Environment - recycling paper we keep in stock. All papers are FSC certified.

-Are my upload files available to others?-

No, your data is secure and not publicly accessible.
Printy treats your personal documents and information strictly confidential.

-How is the quality the glue binding?-

For binding, we use Hotmelt Planamelt pro, double milling and groove the spines of the book then connecting the envelope with side gluing. Planamelt per adhesive has a PUR-like binding power and is also free of hazardous substances. Our perfect Glue bindings are recognized by university, durable and look good.

-Can the Cover and spine be printed?-

We have a large selection of cartonages, suitable for printing your cover.
If you want printing on the spine, we need at least 35 pages and a text file with the information.

-Up to how many pages can be binded?-

Specifically, the following number of sheets are possible: Thermal binding - up to 450 sheets, 80gr. Material per bond
Plastic spiral binding - up to 350 sheets, 80gr.Material per bond
Wire-o binding - up to 250 sheets per 80gr.Material binding

-How can I determine the price?-

The total price is quick to identify by our cost calculator.
For complex and large orders, we provide you with an personal offer .

-Which delivery time do I have?-

In our headquarter Luisenstr. printing and binding(<5 pieces) will be completed on the same work day within 3 Hours. You must deliver your work until 14.00 p.m.

-Are Deliveries possible in other European countries?-

Deliveries are made by DHL national and EU wide. We do not ship to non-EU countries, such as Switzerland and Great Britain.
We will determine the most favourable rate for you..

-Terms of payment:-

Payment for residential customers is in cash or by debit card debit. Similarly, we expect new business customers account balance in cash or by debit card debit. Invoices are payable without deduction. Partial payments are not allowed ..


Basically, in custom designed products, the right of withdrawal. If the goods are broken, however, of course a free of charge and promptly replacement will be delivered.

what we do in Luisenstr.49 Munich :
• no instant copyshop print and scan • here we print and bind your thesis inclusive TUM labeled spine within 3 hours  •  PHD DIN A5 und publishing • Brochures and WireO binding  •  CD - print and burn service • Plots in latex and ink with highquality paper • Hardcoverbinding (need min.1 day) • laminate • Flyer • scripts • business cards • etc

Order process for your printing and binding job by e-mail:
  •  please send your job data with the following information to: online(at)printy.de
    • - number of copies of your thesis
    • - format DIN A4 or DIN A5
    • - one- or bothsided print
    • - kind of binding
  • - your PDF file via attachment or link (e.g. wetransfer / googledrive / LRZ).
  • - your phone number and pick up in printy Luisenstr.49  or your delivery address.
  • - we print a sample - contact you - and finalize the print job together with you.
  • - on request we deliver by DHL, TUM Hauspost or courier to your address.
  • - Payment can be made at printy by cash or with Debit-card ( min 25,-).
  • - when you choose delivery, please send the confirmation of payment with screenshot to mail(at)printy.de.

Please also note our advice:

- Create print-ready PDF files

- Checklist for student research projects / Bachelorthesis / Masterthesis / Dissertation