What you should check before submitting your thesis

You have mastered your thesis - Congratulation! But beware, a formal check baby2neuof the work is recommended before submission. Below we have compiled a hit list with the most popular, recurring, fleeting mistakes.

the Date of delivery

At the beginning of Your creation it is not yet clear on what day it will be delivered or submitted. Therefore, set up a placeholder for the date. Then check that the date indicated on the cover page corresponds to the actual date of submission or is entered at all.

clear duplicate spaces

Avoid duplicate spaces in your document. These are easy to overlook and are an unnecessary annoyance to the reader. The search function (Ctrl+F) allows you to find two consecutive spaces in the text.

The page numbers

Page numbers, you should finally check again carefully. Due to page and format changes, the count can vary dramatically.

the table of contents

Also check the table of contents of the completed thesis with the document. Make sure that the chapter headings match and that the page numbers given in the table of contents are correct.

checking illustrations

Also check all images that occur in the flow text. Often during the work process the order changes or an image is deleted then it could happen that e. g. Fig. 3 nonsense on Fig. Six to follow. Keep an eye on picture directories, if necessary.

check references in flow text

When referring to other positions in the work, you should continue to be on the safe side. Check that image numbers and page numbers are up-to-date.

Double-sided printing and customized document layout

For double-sided printing, the following rule applies. Fronts are right-facing pages, with odd numbers centered or aligned to the right. Backsides are left-facing pages, with even numbers centered or aligned to the left. Chapter beginnings are according to the rule right pages, ie front pages, and are therefore provided with an odd number of pages (paginated).

We print from PDF files...

... and not from Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Coreldraw, InDesign, LaTex, Affinity or other application files. The only possible file formats for us external service providers are PDF, or better, PDF/X print files. After converting from your application, check your PDF repeatedly for correct processing and implementation of all content. Further information on this and other digital printing topics can be found in our small printy guide.

observe formal requirements

Even if your document is set up in accordance with the requirements of the Examination Office from the outset, it should be checked again at the end. Whether of the many changes, deviations often creep in unnoticed. Cover page, page margins, font and font size, attached documents such as the declaration of independence, etc. , better reconciled with the formal requirements.

can the PDF file be opened on other Windows computers?

Due to incorrect links it can happen that PDF documents can only be opened on your own computer. Also, there may be problems with the compatibility of Mac and Windows.

the final pattern printing

Despite the utmost care, errors are only visible when the final sample is examined in the print shop. Then a separate notebook helps, in order to correction possibility on site. In parallel, printy tries to solve smaller text and layout problems with its own PDF special programs. Unfortunately, this does not always work and additional services also mean additional costs.

Consult THE Examination Office about opening hours

A final thesis could also be thrown into a mailbox late in the evening in the hope of keeping a fixed date. You shouldn't do this. Find out more about when the relevant collection point is open. Offices with different office hours may also be responsible it is therefore helpful to contact the homepage of the respective examination office or infopoint shortly before handing in.

printy wishes you lots of sucess!

what we do in Luisenstr.49 Munich :
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Order process for your printing and binding job by e-mail:
  •  please send your job data with the following information to: online(at)printy.de
    • - number of copies of your thesis
    • - format DIN A4 or DIN A5
    • - one- or bothsided print
    • - kind of binding
  • - your PDF file via attachment or link (e.g. wetransfer / googledrive / LRZ).
  • - your phone number and pick up in printy Luisenstr.49  or your delivery address.
  • - we print a sample - contact you - and finalize the print job together with you.
  • - on request we deliver by DHL, TUM Hauspost or courier to your address.
  • - Payment can be made at printy by cash or with Debit-card ( min 25,-).
  • - when you choose delivery, please send the confirmation of payment with screenshot to mail(at)printy.de.

Please also note our advice:

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