folded leaves firmly clamped on the back

  • With backstitch (saddle stitching) very handy and durable. Heftbroschüre1
  • Tip: Price alternative to softcover and spiral bindings
  • From a min. of 8 to a max. of 200 pages(50 sheets) for processing of 80gr. printing paper.
  • Number of templates should be divisible by 4 (8, 12,16,20. . . 200
  • Staple spines are pressed squarely, in order to improve flatness and visual improvement 
  • Envelope cartons up to 250gr. Material thickness.. 
  • Suitable for user manuals, image brochures, wedding newspapers etc
  • Do you want Softcover perfect adhesive bindings? you can find them in the menu Softcover


You send us your individual Adobe PDF print files in a recognizable order. For edging motifs, please take into account an additional crop of 2 mm all around to the final format. Printy takes care of assembling the files in the correct order, the so-called shooting, for you. We print after your order in the best quality, according to your specifications

Booklets  price example, 4/4c print on 90gr. paper, final format DIN A4
print runs  30  100  250
 20 pages = 5 sheets doublesidet A3 prints  129,-  330,-  723,-
80 pages = 20 sheets doublesidet A3 prints  369,-  1039,-  2074,-
Prices in EUR, incl. VAT           Status  January 2024