Perfect Glue binding

Klebebinden Buecher S15This professional hotmelt adhesive binding in paperback style is suitable for a sheet thicknesses between 25 and 480 sheets (90gr. material) and the final formats max. DIN A4 portrait format and min. DIN A6 portrait format. By milling and slitting the back of the book, i.e.a, surface extension, we achieve excellent binding strength and excellent impact behaviour in conjunction with the specially developed Hotmelt Planamelt Pro This perfect bonding is in no way inferior to a cold glue or PUR bonding and is also free of hazardous substances. Attractive cover materials are available. These can be printed individually, including the printing of the spinefor a book thickness from 35 sheets. While the order is processing the envelopes are 4 times grooved, in order of a better opening of the book and optimized side gluing. Unsuitable, foreign binding material, such as coated papers or papers with bi-wave fiber direction, we can only work under reservation.


adhesive bond with slip-fold

Faelzelbindung  S15 This bond is in its realization and bond strength identical to our perfect adhesive binding. Cover and back cover therefore exist separately and the open spine is covered with slip fold. A wide variety of printed or unprinted cardboard or transparencies can be used as a cover and back cover. A printed spine is not possible.


Hardcover binding at printy Munich city

  • Our finest binding variant for theses, dissertations and individual presentations of all kinds.
  • Hardcover Rücken Fast processing of your order, the day after next day, at printy in Munich Luisenstr.49 Rgb.
  • Optimum protection of your binding material in the insensitive, dirt-resistant leather-look cover with a pleasant feel.
  • Maximum durability due to clamping in a steel rail with a minimum of 25 to 160 sheets. This allows a maximum of 320 pages in two-sided printing on 90gr.Paper and A4 portrait format.
  • Individual printing of front cover and spine with high quality gold, silver or copper metallic colors possible.
  • On request, we can also print your front cover with the logo or seal of your university (see selection). By arrangement, you can also send us your special, printable pure black logo as jpg.
  • Download Hardcover .doc TemplatealleLogos komp


The order procedure for the printing of the binding material is described in detail under Thesis.
However, the production of a high-quality Hardcover requires, compared to the Softcover, a longer time frame of one working day.
The slightly structured, coherent cover material is available in the colors blue, burgundy, green and black.
Individual lettering are on the front cover in the format of max. 12cm font length x 5cm height possible in several centered lines. You can find an example template here : Hardcover Vorlage.doc
A one-line lettering with a maximum length of 15cm can be realized on the spine. Unfortunately, we have to reserve the right to realize the back printing on very narrow back bars.


Hardcover material is available in the colors blue, burgundy, green, black
to ca.120 scheets = 240 double sided printed pages on 90gr.Papier 10,-  
to ca.160 scheets = 320 double sided printed pages on 90gr.Papier 11,-  
additional costs for letters with silver, gold oder copper Metallic colours
  first print additional per copy
Frontpage 11,50 6,50 
spine 10,00 5,00 
prices per piece in EUR, incl. VAT         Status June 2023
what we do in Luisenstr.49 Munich :
• no instant copyshop print and scan • here we print and bind your thesis inclusive TUM labeled spine within 3 hours  •  PHD DIN A5 und publishing • Brochures and WireO binding  •  CD - print and burn service • Plots in latex and ink with highquality paper • Hardcoverbinding (need min.1 day) • laminate • Flyer • scripts • business cards • etc

Order process for your printing and binding job by e-mail:
  •  please send your job data with the following information to: online(at)
    • - number of copies of your thesis
    • - format DIN A4 or DIN A5
    • - one- or bothsided print
    • - kind of binding
  • - your PDF file via attachment or link (e.g. wetransfer / googledrive / LRZ).
  • - your phone number and pick up in printy Luisenstr.49  or your delivery address.
  • - we print a sample - contact you - and finalize the print job together with you.
  • - on request we deliver by DHL, TUM Hauspost or courier to your address.
  • - Payment can be made at printy by cash or with Debit-card ( min 25,-).
  • - when you choose delivery, please send the confirmation of payment with screenshot to mail(at)

Please also note our advice:

- Create print-ready PDF files

- Checklist for student research projects / Bachelorthesis / Masterthesis / Dissertation