Folding of building-, architectural plans and CAD plots

Methods of copying, scanning and folding

You deliver your large format plans to our printy plant in Luisenstr. 49. Maximum format range is 91cm width x 200cm length. Your paper templates must be retractable horizontally for the copying or scanning process, without glued notes and staples. Cardboard boxes are excluded. By means of inkjet process we then reproduce your motifs on roll papers up to max. 120gr. Paperweight. On request, we fold your Repros DIN compliant. Production of single pieces usually within 3 to 4 hours. Larger quantities by appointment.

Price overview CAD plots, building and architectural plans print - copy-scanning
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Building and architectural plans, CAD, line, line with low paint application on 90gr. or 120gr. Print, copy or scan roll paper up to 91cm width. DIN-compliant, mechanical folding according to agreement incl.
 4,00  7,00  12,00
Unit prices in incl. VAT.