We have been successfully printing and binding theses for over 40 years. Each work is unique and requires a lot of care, a trained eye, optimally adjusted machines and nimble hands. Together we will achieve the best and especially stress-free results, if you also keep in mind the following points:
  • Printy creates her thesis within one day. Printing and binding in DIN A4 standard format and manageable runs between 1 to 5 pieces, 3 hours. The only file format we can implement is the PDF format..
  • Important - please check your PDF after converting from your application, repeatedly for correct processing and implementation of all content.
  • We have compiled a checklist and our order process for you so that you can receive a successful thesis on time.
  • We also check your file for plausibility and print "standby" a first copy of your work. You check this first printout with us at Luisenstr. 49 and decide on the print release. It has been proven to have a laptop with you to correct possible last errors. We can also make minor changes to your PDF file with our special programs on site..
  • We only print from PDF print files and the first print, sample print, is part of the total print run!
  • The printer usually detects the difference between colored and b/w pages. This count is the basis of the price calculation.
  • The binding type, softcover round binding with envelope and book back printing, requires at least 35 sheets of paper (equivalent to 3. 5 millimeters thickness).
  • Due to the high demand for certain examination and submission dates (1st and 14th - 15th of the month!) we strongly advise our graduates to arrive early. Fixed reservations are not possible. First come, first serve.

Your prints are produced using a fine polymerization toner application and 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution on state-of-the-art high-performance laser printers from Konica Minolta and Canon..

Our proven standard paper for your thesis is Target Personal 90gr. An extra class paper with excellent whiteness, higher weight and volume, as well as high opacity (no translucency effect). Both suitable for double-sided color prints and subsequent, durable adhesive bindings. For full-area color prints and desired optimal color retention we offer additionally 100gr. CopyColor. For lovers of natural papers we stock Rebecca Natural Design with surface weights from 100gr. up to 300gr. Our papers are FSC and PEFC certified and acid free

Our softcover, fold and hardcover adhesive bindings are very durableBarbara an BQ270 By milling and slitting the spine of the book, i. e. an extension of the surface, we achieve in combination with Planamelt pro Hotmelt a very high bonding strength for folds and softcover bindings. It is in no way inferior to cold glue or PUR bonding and is also free of hazardous substances. We have attractive envelope materials for softcover bindings in stock for you. These are individually printable, including back lettering from a letter thickness of 35 sheets.

Important! What you should check before submitting your thesis                        - Checklist Thesis -




what we do in Luisenstr.49 Munich :
• no instant copyshop print and scan • here we print and bind your thesis inclusive TUM labeled spine within 3 hours  •  PHD DIN A5 und publishing • Brochures and WireO binding  •  CD - print and burn service • Plots in latex and ink with highquality paper • Hardcoverbinding (need min.1 day) • laminate • Flyer • scripts • business cards • etc

Order process for your printing and binding job by e-mail:
  •  please send your job data with the following information to: online(at)printy.de
    • - number of copies of your thesis
    • - format DIN A4 or DIN A5
    • - one- or bothsided print
    • - kind of binding
  • - your PDF file via attachment or link (e.g. wetransfer / googledrive / LRZ).
  • - your phone number and pick up in printy Luisenstr.49  or your delivery address.
  • - we print a sample - contact you - and finalize the print job together with you.
  • - on request we deliver by DHL, TUM Hauspost or courier to your address.
  • - Payment can be made at printy by cash (min 2,-) or with german EC card ( min 25,-).
  • - when you choose delivery, please send the confirmation of payment with screenshot to mail(at)printy.de.

Please also note our advice:

- Create print-ready PDF files

- Checklist for student research projects / Bachelorthesis / Masterthesis / Dissertation